Sennheiser IES 3 L

Sennheiser IES 3 L, Bouchons en mousse de remplacement, Pour IE 3 large, 5 paires


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Soundtoys PrimalTap

Soundtoys PrimalTap (ESD); delay plugin; meticulously emulated legendary Prime Time delay; typical 80ies digital sound; two indipendent taps; 2500 msec time max.; freeze and modulation features; additional feedback algorithms; contains Little PrimalTap; supported formats: VST2 AU AAXnative;


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Boz Digital Labs 10dB Equaliser

Boz Digital Labs 10dB Equaliser (ESD); equaliser plugin; part of the David Bendeth Signature Series: meticulously modeled after EQ section of a wellknown channelstrip from early 80ies; very musical, parallel semiparametrical filter design with high cut boost levels; supported formats: VST2 VST3 AU


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D16 Group Antresol

D16 Group Antresol (ESD), flanger plugin, emulation of a legendary analog from the 1970ies, based on a virtual bucket brigade bevice (BBD), independent parameter control for each stereo channel, selectable L R or M S processing modes, Mistress original sound, LFO with three clock


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Plug And Mix Dimension 3D

Plug And Mix Dimension 3D (ESD); chorus plugin; emulates a famous digital effect unit from the early 80ies and adds this sound to DAW mix; works especially well on strings pads; simple to use with only a few parameters on a clearly arranged interface; incl. basic version of


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Soundtoys Devil Loc Deluxe

Soundtoys Devil Loc Deluxe (ESD); limiter plugin; emulates the Level brickwall fromo 1960ies, originally designed for PA systems; extreme compression effect creates huge drum sounds with a lot of color; Darkness control allows to shape tone; switchable release time; Mix enables


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Kilohearts Bitcrush

Kilohearts Bitcrush (ESD); bitcrusher plugin; reduces samplerate and depth simulates the sound behavior of old ADDA converters known from vintage gear 80ies 90ies; Snapin for Multipass (item 402525); supported formats: VST2 AU; system requirements: Win7 (32 64 Bit)


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